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  • Mersin GoTürkiye

    Mersin is a major port city in the Eastern Mediterranean at the southeast coast of Türkiye.

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    Mersin has been a crossroads throughout the centuries and the meeting point of different civilizations including the Hittites, Phrygians, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Karamanids, Ramadanids and the Ottoman Empire.



    One of the important values keeping history alive in Tarsus is the Historical Tarsus Houses (Tarihi Tarsus Evleri).



    Mersin, with its fertile lands and favourable climate, is one of the major cities with agricultural production. In addition, Mersin is a sea city that has brought together many cultures throughout history.



    Mersin is a city where fragrances rise from every region. Rumour has it, Mersin was named after the aromatic plant Myrsine, which is a fragrant plant that grows abundantly in the region.



    There are many options to listen to the sounds of nature in Mersin, from the relaxing sound of the waterfalls to the vivid sounds of many bird species staying in the Göksu Delta (Göksu Ovası).



    10 vibes for Mersin

    like locals

    Here are 10 tips if you want to experience golden sandy beaches along the Mediterranean, plateaus with a magnificent nature, virgin bays, wonderful waterfalls, magical caves and amazing tastes like locals in Mersin.

    48 hours

    in Mersin

    You can start the day with a magnificent breakfast accompanied by the sea and boats in Mersin Marina and then head off for a with a city tour.